Best-selling video albums in Belgium

This list contains Music DVD certified Gold and Platinum in Belgium. Belgium has different criteria for local and foreign artists. Read more about certification levels in Belgium.

The best-selling video albums in Belgium are Symphonica In Rosso and Zien – Live In De Kuip 2004 both recorded by Marco Borsato and certified Platinum for sales of 50,000 copies.

List of best-selling video albums in Belgium

Symphonica In Rosso by Marco Borsato is the best selling video album in Belgium
ArtistTitleSalesCertificationCertification dateYear release
1Marco BorsatoSymphonica In Rosso50,0001x Platinum28.07.20072006
2Marco BorsatoZien – Live In De Kuip 200450,0001x Platinum12.06.20042004
3MetallicaFrancais Pour Une Nuits25,0001x Gold12.02.20102009
4Mylène FarmerStade De France25,0001x Gold11.02.20112009
5Les Enfoirés2009: Les Enfoirés Font Leur Cinéma25,0001x Gold13.03.20092009
6Les Enfoirés2008: Les Secretses Enfoirés25,0001x Gold29.03.20082008
7Celine DionLive In Las Vegas: A New Day…25,0001x Gold03.05.20082007
8AC/DCFamily Jewels25,0001x Gold03.04.20092005
9Mylène FarmerMylenium Tour25,0001x Gold07.01.20062000
10QueenLive At Wembley Stadium25,0001x Gold18.08.20071991
11K3Alice In Wonderland – De Musical15,5001x Platinum23.09.20112011
12K3Mamasé! Show15,5001x Platinum08.07.20112010
13Clouseau10×10 – Live In Het Sportpaleis15,5001x Platinum26.02.20102010
14Mega MindyUit Het Dagboek Van Mega Mindy Special!15,5001x Platinum30.04.20102008
15NataliaBack For More – Live15,0001x Gold18.09.20062005
16K3De Wondermachine – Show7,5001x Gold29.07.20112011
17K3K3 En Het Wensspel7,5001x Gold18.03.20112010
18Piet PiraatHet Geheim Van Lorre7,5001x Gold09.09.20112009
19AmikaDagdromen7,5001x Gold16.04.20102009
20Mega MindyMega Mindy Show – De Schitterende Smaragd7,5001x Gold26.03.20102009
21K3In Ahoy’7,5001x Gold02.10.20062006
22KaraokeZing Mee Met – Studio 100 Karaoke7,5001x Gold09.09.20062006
23K35 Jaar – Hun Grootste Hits!7,5001x Gold09.09.20062004
24K3In Wonderland7,5001x Gold17.03.20072004
25Marco BorsatoOnderweg – Live In De Kuip7,5001x Gold11.12.20042002

Best-selling video albums in Belgium by year

In Belgium, there are two separate charts: one showing sales in the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders, the srcond in the French-speaking region of Wallonia. Ultratop published Music DVD year-end charts from 2004 to 2018.

2004FlandersMarco BorsatoZien – Live In De Kuip 2004
WalloniaIndochineParadize Show
2005FlandersNataliaBack For More – Live
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2005: Le Train Des Enfoirés
2006FlandersClouseauIn ‘T Lang – Live In Het Sportpaleis
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2006: Le Village Des Enfoirés
2007FlandersMarco BorsatoSymphonica In Rosso
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2007: La Caravane Des Enfoirés
2008FlandersCeline DionLive In Las Vegas: A New Day…
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2008: Les Secretses Enfoirés
2009FlandersMarco BorsatoWit Licht – Live
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2009: Les Enfoirés Font Leur Cinéma
2010FlandersK3Mamasé! Show
WalloniaMylène FarmerStade De France
2011FlandersK3Alice In Wonderland – De Musical
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2011: Dans L’oeil Des Enfoirés
2012FlandersAdeleLive At The Royal Albert Hall
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2012: Le Bal Des Enfoirés
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2013: La Boîte À Musique Des Enfoirés
2014FlandersKabouter PlopPlop Show – Plop In De Speelgoedwinkel
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2014: Bon Anniversaire
2015FlandersK3K3 Kan Het! Show
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2015: Sur La Route Des Enfoirés
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2016: Au Rendez-Vous Des Enfoirés
2017FlandersCast Van UnidamuKetnet Musical – Unidamu
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2017: Mission Enfoirés
2018FlandersCast Van Team U.P.Ketnet Musical – Team U.P.
WalloniaLes Enfoirés2018: Musique!

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