Best-selling video albums in Japan

The list of best-selling video albums is based on RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan) certifications and Oricon year-end charts. RIAJ certifies a music video Gold for a shipment of 100,000 units and Platinum for a shipment of 250,000 units. Music certification was introduced in Japan in July 2003.

The best-selling video album in Japan is Namie Amuro’s Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~, which sold 1,781,368 copies. It also biggest figure for video album sales in any single country. For example, Farewell I Tour by Eagles was sold only 1,5 million in the U.S. Michael Jackson is the only western artist with a certified Platinum video album in Japan.

List of best-selling video albums in Japan

Namie Amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~is the best-selling video album in Japan
ArtistTitleSalesCertification or year-chartSales as ofYear release
1Namie Amuro (安室 奈美恵)Namie Amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~1,781,3682018, 20192019-122018
2Arashi (嵐)Arashi Anniversary Tour 5×201,021,42820202020-122020
3Arashi (嵐)5×10 All The Best! Clips 1999-2009836,2532009, 2010, 20192019-122009
4Arashi (嵐)Arashi Anniversary Tour 5×10806,2702010, 20192019-122010
5Arashi (嵐)アラフェス805,00020132013-122012
6Arashi (嵐)Arashi 10-11 Tour “Scene” ~君と僕の見ている風景~ Stadium793,00020112011-122011
7Arashi (嵐)5×20 All The Best!! Clips 1999-2019789,62820192019-122019
8Arashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2017-2018「Untitled」783,1202018, 20192019-122018
9Arashi (嵐)アラフェス2020 At 国立競技場775,05220212021-122021
10Arashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017 Are You Happy?753,71420172017-122017
11Arashi (嵐)This Is 嵐 Live 2020.12.31750,0003x Platinum2021-122021
12Arashi (嵐)アラフェス’13750,0003x Platinum2014-062014
13Arashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour Popcorn739,0382013, 20142014-122013
14Arashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour Beautiful World714,00020122012-122012
15Arashi (嵐)Arashi 10-11 Tour “Scene” ~君と僕の見ている風景~ Dome+673,00020112011-122011
16Arashi (嵐)Arashi Blast In Hawaii659,67620152015-122015
17Sandaime J Soul Brothers From Exile Tribe三代目 J Soul Brothers Live Tour 2015「Blue Planet」644,84120162016-122015
18Arashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2014 The Digitalian641,76520152015-122015
19Arashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2013 “Love”629,04220142014-122014
20Arashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2015 Japonism601,89820162016-122016
21Snow ManSnow Man Live Tour 2021 Mania569,64620222022-122022
22Arashi (嵐)Arashi Blast In Miyagi553,63320162016-122016
23Arashi (嵐)Arashi Around Asia 2008 In Tokyo513,0002009, 20102010-122009
24King & PrinceKing & Prince Arena Tour 2022 〜Made In〜500,0002x Platinum2023-032023
25King & PrinceKing & Prince First Dome Tour 2022 ~Mr.~500,0002x Platinum2023-012023
26Snow ManSnow Man Asia Tour 2d.2d.500,0002x Platinum2021-032021
27SMAPClip! Smap! コンプリートシングルス500,0002x Platinum2017-012016
28TRFEz Do Dancercize500,0002x Platinum2013-062012
29AKB48Akbがいっぱい ~ザ・ベスト・ミュージックビデオ~500,0002x Platinum2011-072011
30Kat-TunReal Face Film500,0002x Platinum2006-032006
31Johnny’s Jr. (ジャニーズJr.)素顔4472,25520202020-122020
32ExileExile Live Tour 2011 Tower Of Wish ~願いの塔~453,00020122012-122012
33King & PrinceKing & Prince Concert Tour 2019403,48720202020-122020
34Various ArtistsJohnny’s Festival ~Thank You 2021 Hello 2022~390,59520222022-122022
35King & PrinceKing & Prince Concert Tour 2021 ~Re:Sense~387,91620222022-122022
36Kat-TunKat-Tun Live 海賊帆386,0002005, 20062006-122005
37Hey! Say! JumpHey! Say! Jump I/Oth Anniversary Tour 2017-2018366,37320182018-122018
38King & PrinceKing & Prince First Concert Tour 2018351,05220192019-122018
39Naniwa Danshi (なにわ男子)なにわ男子 First Arena Tour 2021 #なにわ男子しか勝たん344,03920222022-122022
40ExileExile Live Tour “Exile Perfect Live 2008”339,00020092009-122009
41ExileExile Live Tour 2009 “The Monster”333,0002009, 20102010-122009
42SMAPLive Mij331,00020042004-122003
43King & PrinceKing & Prince Concert Tour 2020 ~L&~330,26620212021-122021
44Koda Kumi (倖田 來未)Secret ~First Class Limited Live~322,0002005, 20062006-122005
45ExileExile Live Tour 2010 Fantasy315,00020102010-122010
46SixtonesFeel Da City302,67320222022-122022
47Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)Kanjani∞ Live Tour Juke Box298,82420142014-122014
48Namie Amuro (安室 奈美恵)Namie Amuro 5 Major Domes Tour 2012 ~20th Anniversary Best~293,00020132013-122013
49Arashi (嵐)Summer Tour 2007 Final Time -コトバノチカラ-290,0002008, 20102010-122008
50SMAPSmapとイッちゃった! Smap Sample Tour 2005289,00020062006-122005
51Sandaime J Soul Brothers From Exile Tribe三代目 J Soul Brothers Live Tour 2016-2017 “Metropoliz”283,33520182018-122017
52Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)47282,00020082008-122007
53SixtonesOn Est281,12120212021-122021
54SixtonesTrackone -Impact-279,61920202020-122020
55Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)十祭270,46120152015-122014
56SMAPSmap 2008 Super.Modern.Artistic.Performance Tour269,00020092009-122008
57Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)Kanjani∞ Live Tour!! 8est~みんなの想いはどうなんだい?僕らの想いは無限大!!~268,00020132013-122013
58Kis-My-Ft22015 Concert Tour Kis-My-World259,95320162016-122016
59Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)関ジャニ’S エイターテインメント Gr8est257,91520192019-122019
60Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)関ジャニズム Live Tour 2014≫2015257,54320152015-122015
61Namie Amuro (安室 奈美恵)Namie Amuro Best Fiction Tour 2008-2009257,00020092009-122009
62B’zTyphoon No.15 B’z Live-Gym The Final Pleasure “It’s Showtime!!” In 渚園256,00020042004-122004
63Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)関ジャニ’Sエイターテインメント ジャム253,69920182018-122018
64Kis-My-Ft22014concerttour Kis-My-Journey253,07420152015-122015
65Kis-My-Ft2Concert Tour 2016 I Scream252,43920172017-122016
66Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)十五祭250,0001x Platinum2019-102019
67BTS (방탄소년단)BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’ ~Japan Edition~250,0001x Platinum2022-062019
68Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)関ジャニ∞の元気が出るLive!!250,0001x Platinum2016-062016
69Sensations (せんせーションズ)さよならセンセーション250,0001x Platinum2016-032016
70ExileExile Tribe Live Tour 2012 ~Tower Of Wish~250,0001x Platinum2012-102012
71Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)Kanjani∞ 五大ドームTour Eight×Eighter おもんなかったらドームすいません250,0001x Platinum2013-022012
72Kara (카라)Kara Best Clips250,0001x Platinum2011-072011
73Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)関ジャニ∞Tour2∞9puzzle250,00020092009-122009
74Keisuke Kuwata (桑田 佳祐)桑田さんのお仕事 07/08 ~魅惑のAvマリアージュ~250,0001x Platinum2008-032008
75Ayanokoji Kimimaro (綾小路 きみまろ)綾小路 きみまろ 爆笑!エキサイトライブビデオ第3集250,0001x Platinum2012-032008
76Arashi (嵐)Arashi Around Asia + In Dome250,0001x Platinum2009-102007
77Kat-TunLive Of Kat-Tun “Real Face”250,0001x Platinum2007-042007
78ExileExile Live Tour 2007 Exile Evolution250,0001x Platinum2008-062007
79SMAPPop Up! Smap Live! 思ったより飛んじゃいました!ツアー250,0001x Platinum2006-122006
80Michael JacksonLive In Bucharest – The Dangerous Tour250,0001x Platinum2009-122005
81Ayanokoji Kimimaro (綾小路 きみまろ)綾小路 きみまろ 爆笑!エキサイトライブビデオ第2集250,0001x Platinum2008-122005
82Ayanokoji Kimimaro (綾小路 きみまろ)綾小路 きみまろ 爆笑!エキサイトライブビデオ250,0001x Platinum2008-102003
83SMAPSmap! Tour! 2002!250,0001x Platinum2003-072003
84Michael JacksonNumber Ones250,0001x Platinum2010-012003
85L’arc-En-Ciel1999 Grand Cross Conclusion250,0001x Platinum2006-111999
86Snow Man滝沢歌舞伎zero235,74320202020-122020
87ExileExile Live Tour 2015 “Amazing World”232,42320162016-122016
88Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)関ジャニ’Sエイターテインメント230,43220172017-122017
89Sandaime J Soul Brothers From Exile Tribe三代目 J Soul Brothers Live Tour 2014「Blue Impact」227,8402014, 20152015-122014
90BTS (방탄소년단)BTS Map Of The Soul On:E227,20820212021-122021
91BTS (방탄소년단)BTS Memories Of 2020223,05420212021-122021
92Exile TribeExile Tribe Perfect Year Live Tour Tower Of Wish 2014 ~The Revolution~220,42320152015-122015
93Hey! Say! JumpHey! Say! Jump Live Tour 2015 Jumping Carnival219,6272016, 20172017-122016
94Girls’ Generation (소녀시대)Japan First Tour Girls’ Generation211,00020122012-122011
95ExileExile Live Tour 2013 “Exile Pride”209,1242013, 20142014-122013
96Kis-My-Ft2Snow Domeの約束 In Tokyo Dome 2013.11.16206,80120142014-122014
97Kanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)関ジャニ∞リサイタル お前のハートをつかんだる!!206,71220162016-122016
98Hey! Say! JumpHey! Say! Jump Live Tour 2016 Dear.206,56120172017-122017
99Kis-My-Ft2Live Tour 2017 Music Colosseum206,01220182018-122018
100Sandaime J Soul Brothers From Exile Tribe三代目 J Soul Brothers Live Tour 2017 “Unknown Metropoliz”204,11720182018-122018

Best-selling video albums in Japan by year

Oricon annual video charts appeared in Japan in 1986 and included sales of video cassettes. From 2000 to 2011, only DVD sales were taken into account. In 2012, Oricon added a separate chart for Blu-ray releases. Until 2019, there were two separate video charts in Japan. In 2020, DVD and Blu-ray sales were combined into a single hit parade.

1986VideoOnyanko Club (おニャン子クラブ)臨海学校
1987VideoThe BeatlesThe Beatles Live: Ready, Steady, Go!
1988VideoHikaru Genji (光genji)光genji ファーストライブ
1989VideoHikaru Genji (光genji)Tokyo Dome Concert Hey! Say! 1.15・16
1990VideoX Japan刺激! Visual Shock Vol.2
1991VideoB’zFilm Risky
1992VideoB’zJust Another Life
1993VideoKome Kome Club (米米club)The 8th Anniversary Sharisharism Ace The 8th Of Ace
1994VideoB’zLive Ripper
1995VideoKinki KidsKinki Kids With 35万人ファン 世紀のLive
1996VideoB’zBuzz The Movie
1997VideoSMAPSMAP 010 Ten
1998VideoGlayHit The World
2000DVDMorning Musume (モーニング娘。)映像 ザ・モーニング娘。ベスト10
2001DVDUtada Hikaru (宇多田 ヒカル)Bohemian Summer 2000
2002DVDUtada Hikaru (宇多田 ヒカル)Traveling182,000
2003DVDB’zA Beautiful Reel.202,000
2004DVDSMAPLive Mij331,000
2005DVDKat-TunKat-Tun Live 海賊帆260,000
2006DVDKat-TunReal Face Film473,000
2007DVDKat-TunLive Of Kat-Tun “”Real Face””
2008DVDKanjani 8 (関ジャニ∞)47282,000
2009DVDArashi (嵐)5×10 All The Best! Clips 1999-2009591,000
2010DVDArashi (嵐)Arashi Anniversary Tour 5×10786,000
2011DVDArashi (嵐)Arashi 10-11 Tour “”Scene”” ~君と僕の見ている風景~ Stadium793,000
2012Blu-rayB’zB’z Live-Gym 2011 -C’mon-700,000
DVDArashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour Beautiful World714,000
2013Blu-rayNamie Amuro (安室 奈美恵)Namie Amuro 5 Major Domes Tour 2012 ~20th Anniversary Best~73,000
DVDArashi (嵐)アラフェス805,000
2014Blu-rayArashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2013″”Love””150,501
DVDArashi (嵐)アラフェス’13575,566
2015Blu-rayArashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2014 The Digitalian314,137
DVDArashi (嵐)Arashi Blast In Hawaii360,688
2016Blu-rayArashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2015 Japonism309,487
DVDSandaime J Soul Brothers From Exile Tribe三代目 J Soul Brothers Live Tour 2015「Blue Planet」496,073
2017Blu-rayArashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017 Are You Happy?379,189
DVDArashi (嵐)Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017 Are You Happy?374,525
2018Blu-rayNamie Amuro (安室 奈美恵)Namie Amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~811,718
DVDNamie Amuro (安室 奈美恵)Namie Amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~945,053
2019Blu-rayArashi (嵐)5×20 All The Best!! Clips 1999-2019436,068
DVDArashi (嵐)5×20 All The Best!! Clips 1999-2019353,560
2020DVD & Blu-rayArashi (嵐)Arashi Anniversary Tour 5×201,021,428
2021DVD & Blu-rayArashi (嵐)アラフェス2020 At 国立競技場775,052
2022DVD & Blu-rayArashi (嵐)This Is 嵐 Live 2020.12.31738,748

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