THROUGH THE EYES OF WORLD / AUTOUR DU MONDE (video album) by CELINE DION sales and charts

Updated: October 12, 2023

The video album THROUGH THE EYES OF WORLD / AUTOUR DU MONDE by CELINE DION has sold 257,500 copies in Australia, Canada and United States.


THROUGH THE EYES OF WORLD / AUTOUR DU MONDE certifications and sales

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Country Sales Certification Date More
AustraliaAUS 7,500 1x Gold 2010-05-13
CanadaCAN 200,000 2x Diamond 2010-05-21 show
United StatesUS 50,000 1x Gold 2010-07-16
Total sales in 3 countries: 257,500

All-time ranks by country

Australia 489
Canada 2
United States 629